Whatsapp For Business launches Catalog

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Do you run a business and want to send the products to your customers? WhatsApp has now made it simpler for business owners for sending the products they deal in, to the customers. Whatsapp For Business launches Catalog features that enable sellers to create product listing to share with the consumers. This update has been rolled out in the latest edition.

Whatsapp Business Catalogue is a handy feature

What can be more painful than sending a series of images of the products you deal with to your customers literally spamming their chat window. This is a clean method that allows tour customers to go through the products and understand the range of services you deal with. Using this feature, the seller can create a catalog by selecting Settings > Business Settings > Catalog and Add the catalog.


You could add a series of images along with the other product details such as Product or Service Name, Price ( Optional), Description, Link and Product or Service Code. After you submit this listing, the Whatsapp team would verify it and enable it.


This feature is great for a business owner who wants to share with their consumers the products they deal with. It is even easy for them to scroll through the range of offerings along with the product details.


If you wish to send the catalog when asked by a user, simply use the option ‘Catalogue’ in the ‘Attach’ box. With this feature on board, you could send multiple catalogs and the end-users can simply click on the listing to see the product. If you have this product on sale on any of the leading eCommerce portals, you could simply add the link. By clicking the link, it could take the user to that page for purchase. The journey appears so clean and seamless.


This feature is currently available to businesses using Whatsapp for Business on both Android and iPhone. This feature is currently launched in countries like the US, UK, Brazil, Germany, India, Indonesia, and Mexico. Before starting, check out the commerce policy by Whatsapp here. If you are starting up, click this startup link.

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