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Want to improve your App Store Strategy? Try out these tips

Want to improve your App Store Strategy? Try out these tips

Last week, I spoke at Inmobi’s InDecode meetup at Gurgaon. It was great experience sharing my views with developers of Gurgaon who are working on some cool apps. Please check the deck below. It explains some key App Store Optimization techniques for an app:

And that happy moment when you launch that moment:

There were several questions asked by the audience, here are some of the discussion points:

  • App Store Optimization is essential and should be done regularly by keeping an eye on competitors’ strategy of Keywords, Description data and assets such as images.
  • Learn how users mention your app or provide feedback to your app. It will hint the tags they use.
  • Reply to reviews, both good as well as bad. Ensure you have a strategy that handles your brand reputation on reviews well.
  • The images of the app should be designed in such a ‘wow’ manner that it tempts users to download the app/game and play.
  • Do not miss A/B testing using Experiments. It will allow you to learn about the user’s reaction against set of test cases
  • If your app target is global, ensure that you are ready with an International app launch strategy, app marketing strategy for International market and also are geared for support for the international app users.
  • Though organic downloads are efficient, one can’t rule out paid promotions or paid marketing budget. It depends on apps/games under case-to-case basis.
  • Don’t forget to prepare your launch strategy.
  • You can use some of these analytic techniques mentioned by me here and here to know more about capturing user data on your web.

P.S: The Article was written by me and first appeared on TheRodinhoods.

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