Using Instagram poll as an design feedback tool

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Instagram is one of the most trusted social media asset to a lot of users across various domains. It includes photographers, food bloggers, fashion lovers and many more. Instagram has evolved with loads of new features including Instagram Poll feature. Today, it has over 800 million users, with 500 million using it every day.

Sometimes a designer can get linked in to the project work so much that they don’t really know what’s looking good or otherwise. Feedback is an essential ingredient to understand what people might like or hate, especially if you are launching publicly today. There needs to be a way by which designers find a more effective way to share their works-in-progress and get feedback from their teams.

Instagram Polls allows users to submit a question with the Poll Stickers and add it to their story. This gets posted a story wherein your followers can be invited to vote one of the two options. Whether you are confused about which dress to wear for the dinner or to know if coffee at a cafe in your locality is Good or Bad, the instastories with Polls could be handy. You can simply write out your own question and even customize the poll choices. That brought me to an interesting question if this same concept can be used for design feedback for App’s elements.

The Instagram Poll Experiment:

Recently, Androcid launched Unexplored Goa app — which is a crowdsourced app that allows users to submit their services or job listings. One of the most recent features we launched into the app was Events in Goa. The event feature is crowdsourced as well — which is you can also post an event that you know about and our team would approve it.

Just before launching the event section, we thought the launcher needed a better feel especially if its an app for Goa.

The UI/UX team of Androcid designed the below design:

instagram poll design feedback

Using Instagram Polls for feedback:

We thought of experimenting with something new. Considering this very popular photo-sharing platform, many of the users have a decent number of followers and this was the backbone of testing the poll feature for design feedback. We thought of just experimenting with the launcher screen.  It worked really well for us especially before integrating with the app. We thought of just putting one that we liked internally for quick feedback. Here are some of our learnings:

Simple. Elegant. Easy to ‘Click’:

Never make a user perform too many actions. We thought using this platform will ensure that many people who are following us can easily provide the feedback, just by selecting one of the two options.

The Catch is that the Instagram Poll votes aren’t anonymous:

This was one feature that made me try this poll for design feedback. You can completely track who has voted in each of the categories of the two options and can also figure out who all have swiped away from the story

instagram poll voting system

Many users have been figuring it now that Instagram is actually gathering each of this information for the poster.

Instagram Poll Reminders for the period left for Poll to Run:

Instagram also helps the Poll Poster to get notification of quick updates about how the poll replies stand at the current moment along with updates on how much more time is remaining for the Poll to end.

Personal Verdict about Instagram Polls:

We used a simple concept while using this poll for our app. It helped us to get in touch with more than 4500 organic followers. It was a simple experiment that really worked for a simple launcher design feedback.

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