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The Reason Why Everyone Love Kolkata Kreate

The Reason Why Everyone Love Kolkata Kreate

“Where have you come from?” — my curious mind questioned one of the volunteers at the Kolkata Kreate event. She said with a smile extending beyond her face “It took me 2 hours, left home at 7ish and was able to reach well within to organize the arrangements. I come from Howrah.

Two reasons which made her answer struck the perfect strings. The first, the excitement with which she told having a glint in her eyes. And other, of course, its Howrah. One of the bridges I really love after the San Francisco Bridge. But there was more to it.

My relation with Kolkata and the people have been at a different level. They say people in Kolkata love Food. Let me, add a little glamour to that. People of Kolkata Embrace you in the warmth of circle joy and happiness. This beautifully crafted warmth is the reason that you can’t ever deny the speaker invite you receive for an event in Kolkata. Over the last few years, Kolkata has pinned me to its location as my second home.

Riya and Team did wonderful work in coordinating seamlessly and I found myself in the flight one day before in the flight en route to Kolkata. The flight journey to Kolkata is never just about a few cups of Tea or Chicken Junglee sandwich that IndigiGo serves, but it’s about the people who talk experience about the city with an open heart.

Before hearing the word Howrah 24 hours later from the volunteer I mentioned above, I witnessed this name being screamed against different contexts, into the flight cabin several times. Soon realized how people admire the serene beauty of not just the place but overall city experience. It’s always the first time for me even though I have seen Howrah several times. Just drop a ‘Hi’ followed by a question “Whats to see in Kolkata?” — and regret the plan you have made which makes you structure in “Yet to see” bucket list filling faster than overfilling cup.

A warm welcome by co-speaker Riya and Sneh (Check out their Podcast ‘The Ninja Talks’) was heartwarming and as we passed through the luminous Kolkata with a spread of yellow taxis, it was brought to my notice that due to Riot at the initially decided venue, the event — Kolkata Kreate had to be shifted to another location. All of the decisions the team had to take at the critical but handled so amazingly by the organizers. The glint I saw in the volunteer’s eyes was a reflection of the relentless pursuit to make this event possible.

Things don’t change until you make things happen

Last moment venue shuffles can be brain-draining. Sometimes unplanned actions take you back to square one. What was amazing to see the way how the team of volunteers including the old friends from Google Developer Group of Kolkata, along with Women Techmaker Kolkata, pulled off the Kolkata Kreate event seamlessly.

The Team of Kolkata Kreate with Speakers[/caption]

Though we had a drop in number, there was absolutely no drop in passion. Over 100 people participated in the event that was set to be revolutionary. Several talks, workshops were part of this event, but the thrill remained unmatched just like how Kolkata offers it every time you are a visitor.

Through-the-heart talks

Events are always less about numbers but the content. I had an amazing privilege to be amongst speaker panel that included who shared their experience. The core of the event is always a wolfpack of speakers with high intensity and passion to connect with the audience. The awesome speakers at Kolkata Kreate included Meghdut Roy Chowdhury, Sneh Pandya, Rana Guha, Stuti Verma, Kamal Shree, Kazi Haque, Rabimba Karanjoi and Madiha Ahmed.

Not only they all managed to tie the knot with the mind-strings but also worked closely with them in detail to form a perfect weekend event that anyone would ask for. The speakers actually weren’t just ‘delivering’ talks but event when you get a chance to hear a few sessions, you can sense the symphony. The symphony in a way where the audience was in the rhythm of the content and context. Beautiful sight.

I spoke on Smartness Trap — on how people can tweak their minds to be more fluidic to approach activities in life for producing elite performance. Here is my deck: Kolkata kreate — Talk by Prajyot Mainkar from Prajyot Mainkar

Hunger Drives the City

I am always awestruck with the city’s seduction to learn. How often as a speaker would I see the audience glued to the seat right at the dip of energy at the late hours? This was my 3rd talk in the city of Kolkata in the last 3 years, but every time I end up meeting old people who recognize me beside the new people whose memories I glue to my past-experience book. You enter as a speaker but depart as a learner. The learner is a strong word here. You learn experiences, you learn the hardship of people whose stories are so inspiring, you learn about someone who travels 4 hours + to attend a talk and many such sequential occurrences within 8 hours that amazing you.

I came across several genres of people, more specifically the ‘hungry’ minds with fuel to learn. Flip the pages many years back, reminded of curious-me willing to attend conferences, events, and many meetups to learn and talk to other people/speakers. Kolkata is all about faces that interact with you on several aspects including technology, business, food and much more. And every conversation is always a 2-way passage. Awestruck as a speaker when you even hear their hardship stories and how they evolve from tough times.

A thank-you note to Kolkata Kreate Team…

Hunger drives them, but they never leave you hungry. “You sure you had food?”, “Let me know if you need coffee.” and many such caring questions your way, that make you feel the regret of the next day ticket back to your home town. But that’s how this city treats you. It gives you every reason o return with more energy and enthusiasm.

Every volunteer and support staff for the wonderful ‘take care’ of me. Rare are such moments that glue to your heart all your life and certainly this is one of them. Kolkata Kreate will always remain close to me.

Image Source: GDG Kolkata Team Photo Repo

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