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I’ve been a Techprenuers for a long time now and spent the last few years, I had an awesome opportunity to publish two of the books – Thanks to Packt Publications, the books are now on sale in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and many more countries.

When I started Android programming, it was essentially a self-learning voyage which formed the core while writing the book. Over the years, cross-platform development has gained a huge popularity.

Google Flutter Mobile Development Quick Start Guide: Get up and running with iOS and Android mobile app development:


I recently co-authored a book on Flutter with Salvatore Giordano. The book is aimed at students/professionals willing to learn flutter and build their own apps. If you have basic knowledge of Dart, you could experience the book with in-depth examples related to topics.

This book was one of the first books to be written on Flutter and you could buy the books by clicking the link below:

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Expert Android Programming:


I’ve been an Android developer from the very early days of Android, and back then there weren’t many books or articles published online to guide developers. When the concept of this was getting set, I kept the base as to target developers looking to develop a full-fledged android application by virtue of hands-on guided experience.

The book is designed for developers wanting to build Android apps from scratch and hence, prior knowledge about android is a must. As a bonus chapter, I have highlighted about android architecture and App store optimizations.

Buy Paperback : Buy Kindle Edition