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If you ever think your idea is Great, Don’t Build it

If you ever think your idea is Great, Don’t Build it

Everyone goes through a feeling “Hey, i’ve this great idea and i think it can serve well”. The feeling is so seductive that we get totally psyched about the idea and forget to sleep. Few sips of coffee, paper notes and we’re all set to go back to bed thinking to spring into action tomorrow. It could be a new digital product or a disruptive app, the mind always thinks that it will set the world on fire. That’s the hallucinogenic effect. It will end up burning time and cash. Let’s get into serious frame of mind to avoid pain down the road.

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‘It’s Great’ is an Uncool Feeling

If you think the idea is great, that’s the first myth you need to unload. It will yield some friction in frustration but you will soon realize the problem is bigger than what it just looks like. Think out loud: you want to build the product or a technology based solution that solves a problem. You’ve only defined the problem for yourself, but what got missed is the picture of bigger audience facing the same problem. The belief that tempts us to build the product as soon as the idea strikes us is that, we tend to think that if we’re annoyed with something, then everyone else must be, too. Remember, people are unique and they have own justification to the solution they would want for a problem. What you think is a problem, could be a non-issue for others. You just never know.

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Entrepreneur has become a very hot buzzword these days. Achieving milestones, Chasing the dreams and building something that may be the next-big thing of tomorrow, are some of the key highlights of entrepreneur in process. But instead of directly chasing the idea, focus on user and market research. Avoid getting into a self-design trap and ends up costing.

Audience is king

In fact, to quote an example, Angry Birds, the incredibly popular game, was software maker Rovio’s 52nd attempt. It took them 8 years and nearly went bankrupt before finally creating one of the best mobile games. The point of highlight is, talking to people who think will want, need and love the product is an ideal route. This has to be done during the early days of the product to avoid issues later. Finding the right kind of people who match your chalked outline of the product, could be perfect fit for this menu. Like if you are building an android apps for kind, talking just to ‘parents’ is not a great idea. You need the sample data of set of users of different age groups and also other factors such as usage patterns, type of phones they use and their versions, frequency and other important data set that might reflect into your case study.

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Now, that doesn’t mean you end up wasting major chunk of time talking to people about your potential product or survey limitless groups, but frame the sample data set in a way that supports your study. Make the early-stage research sure enough that help your chalked product path into minimal viable product.

Raising Money V/s Building Money

Another thing you have to remember is, if your mind is thinking just about “Growing money”, the idea is doomed before it actually starts. Even if you manage get to a point, but it won’t be long-lasting. Money is important, but not more than the solution to the problem you are providing. There is no secret sauce, but to get started. If you don’t act on your idea today, you might be outplayed by someone.

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Focus on core components of the idea than the fluffy things that might yield you fame but not growth. Perhaps, focus on becoming more aware of the opportunities around and pursue them.

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