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Corona Email marketing

Warning – These 3 Mistakes Will Destroy Your Email Campaigns during Corona Outbreak

Emergencies can always be tackled well if prior warning notifications are received for better planning. While the world is undergoing the COVID-19 ( Corona) outbreak, many companies are racing to promote their brands and services to the masses. Though a lot of people doubt that email marketing is dead, to


The Reason Why Everyone Love Kolkata Kreate

“Where have you come from?” – my curious mind questioned one of the volunteers at the Kolkata Kreate event. She said with a smile extending beyond her face “It took me 2 hours, left home at 7ish and was able to reach well within to organize the arrangements. I come

Chrome Browser

Best Chrome extensions to improve your productivity

With the growth of the Internet over the last few years, digital noise has contributed largely to work distractions. It takes a minimum of 20 mins to refocus on the work you could be previously engaged after distraction. Over the last many years, I have been using Chrome as my


If Your business idea is Great, Don’t Build it

Everyone goes through a feeling “Hey, I have this great idea and I think it can serve well”. The feeling is so seductive which makes us totally psyched about the business idea. Takes our sleep off. Few sips of coffee, paper notes and we’re all set to go back to bed

Entrepreneur or Wantrepreneur – who are you?

Entrepreneurship has become a very hot buzzword these days. Achieving milestones, Chasing the dreams and building something that may be the next-big-thing of tomorrow, are some of the key highlights of the entrepreneur in the process. But while you feel that people are finding this buzzword a step to chasing


Using Instagram poll as an design feedback tool

Instagram is one of the most trusted social media asset to a lot of users across various domains. It includes photographers, food bloggers, fashion lovers and many more. Instagram has evolved with loads of new features including Instagram Poll feature. Today, it has over 800 million users, with 500 million


Trusting the CoWorking Culture in the global enviorment

No one would have ever imagined that in 2019 we would be discussing how coworking culture is changing the perception of working against that of traditional offices. All thanks to the Coworking culture growth. Back in the early days of 2015 when the concept of coworking was sprouting, coworking received

Google Business Listings for Free

Adding Google Business Listing For your venture

Are you a business owner or an entrepreneur looking to list your business on Google Business? Spare your 2mins to check the post below that will allow you to list your business with ease. The first step involves heading to and login in with your active Gmail account. You