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With the growth of the Internet over the last few years, digital noise has contributed largely to work distractions. It takes a minimum of 20 mins to refocus on the work you could be previously engaged after distraction. Over the last many years, I have been using Chrome as my primary browser with several Chrome Extensions. The most recent reports by StatCounter suggests over 64.1% of users use Chrome as their first choice, while Safari holding the second position with 17.21% as on January 2020. Chrome certainly brings several extensions at its disposal to help you to be more productive at the workplace. Here are some of the top Chrome Extensions I have used over the last many years.

Momentum – A Chrome Extension that brings back your focus with every Tab

Absolutely classic Chrome Extension to start your chrome journey with all the things you need for your day to day activities. Once you install the Extension, simply with the new tab you can experience the needful features of this extension. It simply transforms the chrome default tab into a productive tool. The extension has two variants: Free and Plus. I have been a user of both the editions and I would say, to start with, the Free edition should solve your basic needs.

The focus section helps you to plan the single focus task of the day. The feature set also includes To-Do lists which allow you to create your own lists and add To-Dos for the day. Daily photos mapped along with quotes just set the right start of the day. The link section also allows you to create groups and set links under them for easy access to your favorite links.

Momentum Chrome Extension
Momentum Chrome Extension Dashboard

The plus features are extensive and bring tremendous support for task sync with apps like Asana, Basecamp, GitHub, Bitbucket, Google Tasks, Todoist, Trello, and Wunderlist. Besides this, the plus also supports Notes, Customized Photos, More frequent Quotes and more than 10 premium features that you can read on their website link shared below.

( Website / Download)

LastPass – Remembering password with ease

You might have tried several managers including the default chrome password manager. But this one is special for sure.  17.8 million users can’t be wrong. The LastPass is a free chrome extension with support for Password manager and Vault. With the free plan, you can use one access account to store all your passwords. You can simply access the vault using your Chrome, Android and iOS devices too, just by remembering one master password.

Lastpass Chrome Extension
Lastpass Chrome Extension ( Image Credit: LastPass web)

You can also generate a new password and check its strength based on the meter provided by LastPass. One of the very interesting features of this app is sharing the password. With the free plan, you can 1-to-1 share password security.

( Website / Download)

OneTab: Bunch of Tabs together

How many tabs do you have open currently? I bet on an average, we have min 10-12 tabs simultaneously open. OneTab is a Chrome Extension that helps you easily group all of your open tabs into a single tab page. You can easily open the entire compressed tabs or single tabs with just a click.

One Tab Chrome Extension (Image Credit: OneTab Web)

This free extension also allows you to name the list the compressed tabs. This helps in tab clutter which eventually saves memory. Even though this extension has been last updated in 2017, it still works absolutely fine even with the latest chrome edition (80.0.3987 Stable edition).

( Website / Download)

StayFocusd: Focus with Timer with this Chrome Extension

Budget your time on a specific website using StayFocusd extension. This tool allows you to eliminate distractions and focus on tasks you intend to focus on a daily basis. This highly-customizable extension allows you allocate dedicated time say 5-minutes on Facebook while 20 mins on Twitter. You may be a digital nomad or an entrepreneur, this tool is amazing.

Stayfocusd Chrome Extension
Stayfocusd Chrome Extension

You can customize the time to restrict not only domains but subdomains, specific paths, specific content (such as videos, images, etc), specific pages

( Website / Download)

Full Page Screen Capture: One-Click Full page Capture Chrome Extension

With no special permission, this chrome extension allows users to export the entire page of the tab as an image or PDF. The premium plan allows you to image edit as well. The image quality is not amazingly great but still serves the purpose.

Full Page Capture
Full Page Capture

If the page is long scrollable, this tool will chunk out images scroll by scroll automatically and produce the result. However, it is advisable not to move the mouse while the operations are on.

( Website / Download)

Wrap Up

As per the recent reports, 500 Google Chrome Browser extensions were discovered secretly uploading private browsing data to attacker-controlled servers. It is important to check the extension details before installing them. One of the key aspects is also to check company official pages to understand the status.

The above are my best picks after years of using them. However, there are plenty more out there which can simplify your productivity. If you have any particularly favorite one, I would love to hear your experience in using the same. After all, the extensions are to simplify our work and productivity experience.

Feature Image Credit: Caio Resende

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